Sunday, October 30, 2011

Treats for kids

I gave out Halloween candy for the first time this year. Halloween trick or treating was never a big deal when I was a kid, although I do remember us neighborhood kids going to houses and not getting any candy from our neighbors. But we did have some memorable horror house stories... Well, that's a different thing altogether.

But now as an adult, it's somewhat exciting to give out candy to kids - especially if they're full on wearing costumes and looking adorable.

I wanted to do something more creative, but as usual, I ended up preparing things at the last minute. Halloween is really becoming a big thing (well, at least here in Makati) that a lot of people were buying candy at the aisles of Landmark supermarket days before.

I bought three boxes of those candy gummy worms and packed them individually. (I might have snagged a couple of worms for myself while doing so...) I originally planned on tying the plastic bags with orange and black ribbon but it kept slipping up so I got the idea of using the decorative tape I had lying around somewhere. Finally put to good use!

My cousin and I took pictures of the kids but I won't be posting them. For one thing, I wanted to protect the privacy of the kids and parents. We didn't exactly get their permission to post them on this blog. Number two - there aren't any good shots. They all ended up looking like those horror pictures where everything is blurry and their eyes are glowing. No there's no monsters in our condo. It's just - kids sure move a lot.

So I end this post with me and my cousin's photos posing with the Halloween decorations they put up in the Club floor. 

Yay! I got a free cupcake!

Hope you all had a great Halloween and be safe during the following holidays. :)

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