Saturday, October 1, 2011

The first page

Er... I know that I haven't blogged lately. Just two posts in a month?! Lazy, lazy, lazy.

And as if I wasn't lazy enough, I decided to make an art journal. It's not that hard to do, but it's not exactly easy. 

I'm jealous of people who mix all these things to make something beautiful and kitschy. I've always wanted to try this style because I'm one of those people who somehow manages to collect so much junk - I mean, stuff - and have nothing to put them in on my 47 sqm condo. And though it hurts me to tear up my beautiful Japanese fashion magazines (sniff!), I'm satisfied that I'm going to make use of them instead of them collecting dust on the floor.

Gotta have materials first, right? I've already got an X-acto knife, doilies, assorted decorative tapes, paper... I had to buy a cutting mat which changed my life! Haha... I don't know how I ever cut something without it. 

Also, after weeks of searching and deliberating, I settled on a Muji notebook to serve as my journal. I like it that it's plain and unassuming. Ah, imagine if ever I have volumes of this stuff on the shelf! So pretty! They also lay very flat so it's perfect for scanning.

So, here's my first page. I'm not really satisfied with it, but that's okay because it means that there's room for improvement. I might start to venture into paints again and wouldn't that be fun? (and messy!)

The First Page
Materials: doily bought at Landmark supermarket, plaid wrapping paper, cutout from Japanese magazine, piece of cloth from an ukay 3 for 100 find, decorative tape bought at 168

There are a lot of people doing this, I think, but I was inspired by the blog Awkward & Beautiful. Check it out, you might be tempted to try it too.

I'll try to update more often both with my art journal and blog. October is off to a great start? Yay!

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