Friday, October 21, 2011

Waiting In Line

Amidst my seclusion the past weeks due to my Smallville marathon (more on that later), I found the time to get my bills paid. Believe me, if only I could pay it through online banking, I would have never stepped out of my condo. But it was just at the corner, literally, so it wasn't so bad to go out and get a little exercise. (Hah!)

When I got to the bank, I remembered why I hated going there. Two words: long lines. I went to two different branches and it was the same. Why is it that whenever you go to banks it seems that the tellers always go on a break and there is only one remaining?

I decided to make good use of my time, and let out some frustration in the process. And I came up with this little ditty. 

We fall in line to give them our money
Try to avoid looking at each other's eye
To reveal how much is your worth
In dollars, nickels and dimes.

Tell me when my number's up
Tell me when it's my turn
To meet that girl who's in front of this line
Who'll take what's mine with a smile.

Eventually, it ended up in an art journal entry.

...Yeah, I'm still figuring out this art journal thing. My gesso basically turned into rubber so I wasn't able to paint the background. Not satisfied with it at all. But I figured art is an evolving thing so maybe I'll revisit this for some improvements later on.

Speaking of improvements, I already made some on my previous entry:

Just added a few sunflowers I cut out, but it looks marginally better, right? I think it gives it a more uplifting, optimistic look. But... it still needs... something. Ah, well.

By the way, for more of my emo writing - my alter-ego is at Quilled Thoughts. Please be kind. :)

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