Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Natural Perm

You don't know how many times I've been asked where I had my hair permed. It gives me a some sense of satisfaction to say that my hair is all natural. Well, except for the color. But, yeah. I have natural curls.

But I didn't always like it. There's still a part of me that wishes I have that long, straight black hair that is often seen on ads and commercials. Relax, rebond... I've tried all these and have the token hair straightener that is now gathering dust at the back of closet somewhere. I know that people who have straight hair and can't maintain a curl have the same dilemma. We always want what we can't have.

It's a good thing that over the years I have learned how to 'embrace the curls', as I say. It's much easier to maintain than suffering from the heat because I can't tie my hair into a ponytail lest the rebond/relax will be damaged.

I'm no expert, but what works for me are:
  1. Shampoo especially made for curly hair. Also, conditioner. Lots of it. I used to use the local Sunsilk brand but they discontinued it. Now I use the Herbal Essences one. It really does make a difference. When I use a regular shampoo, my hair is a little straighter and the curls look limp.
  2. Mousse or a curling lotion/milk. I've been using this brand Monea Curl Defining Milk and it works for me. I just spread it on my hands, scrunch it on my wet hair, and then leave it.
  3. Fine toothed comb. It's weird, but what I discovered is that my curls are more 'organized' when I use a fine toothed comb on my wet hair. That is, after using the wide toothed comb to untangle it first. My hair looks straight at the beginning, but when it dries it forms the curls. But since it was combed finely, it's a more ordered messy look. (Huh?)
  4. And for my latest discovery, this video which works if you have time to set your hair. I found myself doing this for the past few weeks and I never get tired of it. Sooo easy (no hairdryer required!) and I love the curls it makes.

The people at my house looks at me funny because of the before hairstyle. They're kinda used to it by now. They know I usually do weird things with my hair when I get bored. Haha...

Front view

Ate Nan told me my hair looked like something from Amaya.

 The back view

But the after is worth it.

I'm smiling on the inside. :)

I read that this technique also works for those who have stubbornly straight hair so, why not? It's so easy and you don't need hair dryers and all that stuff. Embrace the curls!

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