Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Pieta between Guadalupe and Cubao

Michelangelo's Pietà

I was riding the MRT today when I happened to notice the person sitting opposite me.

He was a thin man. Not quite young, but not old either. Maybe in his late twenties to early thirties. He was wearing faded blue jeans and a bright yellow shirt with Spongebob Squarepants on it - the one you can buy on one of the stalls in Divisoria. On his back was a tattered blue backpack and on his feet were a pair of black sandals or slippers that showed his unevenly cut toenails.

He had his eyes closed, though probably not asleep, as he was carrying his sleeping daughter in his arms, in a pose that reminded me so much of Michelangelo's Pieta.

I've seen the real one before, many years ago, and was moved at its presence. Today's scene moved me in almost the same way. I felt the love from the father to his little daughter who felt safe enough to sleep in his arms in a public place. I wondered about this family's life - where did they live and what job did he have? Are they living well?

It's always on my mind whenever such things are discussed that people shouldn't have children when they can't afford to raise them, when they aren't ready for the responsibility. I still maintain in that thinking, for there are too many reasons, like the children starving even now, to think otherwise. But what I saw today made me think that, ah! at least this one is loved.

And so, in the midst of the hustle of the train and the bustle of the people on it, I said a little prayer that good things happen to this family. May the parents raise their children with wisdom and their children grow to be good citizens of this country... and may they always have love and happiness in their lives.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A grown-up wish list

I turned 28 today. 28. Wait, let me check... Yup. Still 28. I can hardly believe it. Where have the years gone?

I know I shouldn't be complaining. Pssh. There are a lot of older people than I am. But still, every time it's your birthday there's a feeling like "whoa there, are you sure about what you're doing?" I guess that's the use of birthdays. It reminds you to think about your existence on this earth.

So, sans egg pie, I will now reflect on what I really want for my birthday this year.

1. I wish I'd talk less. I don't look like it, but I think I'm quite the chatterbox. I have the tendency to over share and talk and talk and talk. I wish that now that I am older, I would learn how to talk less and listen more. Besides the fact that it will give me the air of mystery (yeah, right), it will hopefully make me more understanding too.

2. I wish I'd finally get serious. Maybe it's the company I keep, but we really don't feel that old. Or is it that we haven't reached that stage yet? But, yeah... We still feel like we're teenagers sometimes. We like to watch movies, anime, play online games, and wear sneakers. I keep telling myself that it's okay, but there are also times I wish I'd start getting to those plans and dreams I had when I was still a teenager. I said then, "when I'm older"... now I guess I am.

3. I wish for more courage. I don't mean not to be scared of flying cockroaches or rats (because I don't think I can get over that), but to be more courageous about doing and experiencing new things. I've always been cautious and that may have limited me in a lot of ways. I'm still going to be cautious, but I have to start stepping out of my comfort zone.

There are still a lot of things I wish for. A good night's sleep for the rest of my life, more good friends, good health to all my loved ones... More than physical things, I want those more. Heh. Maybe I am growing up.

So here's to hoping Somebody up there is reading this and grant me my wishes.


All images taken from Pinterest. Credits to original owners.

Friday, September 2, 2011

September Wish List

It's too early for a Christmas Wish List, but it's my birth month so I figured I'm due for a birthday wish list. I'm not one to ask for presents. In fact, I don't receive that many gifts now that I think about it. I tamp down my bitterness by thinking that it's always better to give than to receive. Yeah, keep thinking that Self.

But I do have my eye on the following goodies. I figured I'm due for some retail therapy and pampering, as a birthday gift for myself. I'll worry about where to get my cousins' tuition and allowance next month. Haha... (Oh shit)

Of course, my wish list has got to have this. I've been waiting for this book ever since I read about it and I'm stalking the reviews Unfortunately, I am not kidding. The book comes out on September 13th, which means it's 14th here on my part of the world and, as fate would have it, also my birthday. If that isn't meant to be, then I don't know what is. Eve and Roarke(!) for my birthday. Oh yeah.

What's a birthday girl without a pretty dress? Well, we were born naked but... Anyway! Pretty dresses! Sigh.

Sasha in nude and grey. Maika in tan.

I love Ichigo shoes. They're so comfortable and they're really affordable too! I'm restraining from buying shoes because my friends tell me I've got too much of them already (*rolls eyes* I know, right?) but I think my shoe rack can make room for these cuties. I already have nude flats, but since an unfortunate decision on my part to bring it to Mr. Quickie, I may have to exchange it for this one by Ichigo. Or I could settle for the grey one. Or maybe both? And the brown sandal's low heel is just perfect when I want the height but not the HEIGHT, if you know what I mean.

For months now I have been searching for the perfect brown bag. Now I think I finally found it. I was never a fan of the Longchamp bag and wondered why everyone was crazy about them, but now I appreciate the simplicity of it. It will probably go with everything I own and wear. I'm severely tempted to buy the fake, but I think I'm going to save up to buy the original. I'm still not comfortable paying thousands of pesos for a single bag so this means I won't be getting this anytime soon. Maybe Christmas? But still, maybe the universe will find a way to give this to me this September. Cross fingers!

I've posted about this before, but I haven't found a local seller... then. What do I do now that I found one? Drool and agonize about it, of course.

Oh the things I can do with this! I'll be mod podging all the way to next year!

Okay, technically not for me... but Ate Nan really wants to watch this. She hasn't said this explicitly, but she's such a fan of this year's winner Scotty that she even texted me when he won. I think she even cried. I really want to give her this, but I already spent a lot on the 2NE1 concert earlier this year and this is more expensive that that! Anyway, we'll see...

And if I don't get anything on this list (except for the J.D. Robb book which I will be getting come hell or high water), I would be perfectly happy with just a box of Goldilocks egg pie. I love my egg pie, after all. :)

Have a great September!