Monday, May 6, 2013

Last Minute Gift

One of the few things I thought of before I slept last Saturday was that I was going to spend Sunday making my first sewing project - a drawstring bag that I found while browsing the internet.

But plans, as they always seem to go, have a tendency to change.

I woke up with a text from my friend asking me to come over to her house to celebrate the first birthday of...

her dog.

Yes. It's pretty frivolous, but she's a first time pet owner (at least I think so) and it wasn't really that serious. It was just an excuse for people to get together and eat.

My mind automatically thought of the sewing projects for pets that I passed through when I browsed. I didn't have a pet so they were irrelevant to me at that time. But suddenly, I got the idea of making a birthday gift for her dog.

I found one easy project from Sew It Love It - a dog toy made out of fabric scraps and I thought - great! Fabric scraps! I have a lot of those.

So off I went to my sewing machine. My execution was a bit messy, but I think it ended up okay - overall.

I was nervous since I didn't know if the dog will actually like it. It is flowery, and the dog is male but the main point is that it was colorful. Color = Cool for dogs, maybe?

After a few moments of ignoring it, the dog finally played with it. And the other dog did too.

Made me so happy and proud. Heh.

Not bad. Not bad at all. :)


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