Friday, May 31, 2013

Owl print zip pouch

When I bought materials for my sewing classes, one of them was a zipper for the skirt. What I didn't know (and what the shop assistant failed to tell me) was that I was supposed to get the invisible one instead of the regular one. Oh well. At least I now know the difference between the two.

So now I had a regular zipper and nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with it? Nonsense, right?

I knew exactly what to do with it and it was relatively easy for little 'ol beginner me: a zip pouch.

After browsing through Pinterest, I found an easy tutorial from Sew Delicious. There was a beginner's zip pouch but I went for the lined one. Call me ambitious!

Predictably, a few things didn't go well. I think I might have burnt my fabric a little and the zipper and fabric suddenly didn't match up. Thank goodness that I just laugh at my mistakes. Go ahead, laugh with me too.

I will have to try this one again sometime. I plan to make lots of this to give as gifts maybe at Christmas. About six months before that so I have time to perfect it. :)


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