Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Film & Fashion: Under the Tuscan Sun

Forget about the little black dress. After watching "Under The Tuscan Sun", I am on the lookout for a little white dress.

In the film (based on a memoir), Diane Lane's character - Frances - goes through a painful divorce and impulsively decides to buy a villa in Tuscany and settle there. Who wouldn't want to do that? Well, minus the divorce part, I really want to go live in Tuscany too.

It's like you're stuck in a painting or something... So beautiful.

Photograph by Bob Krist
Between vineyards and ricotta farms, a field of bright red poppies dazzles those lucky enough to drive along the undulating hills of Tuscany. According to author Frances Mayes, Tuscany is "the sweetest countryside I know, where inviting roads wind off into fields punctuated by abandoned stone houses." (Text adapted from and photograph shot on assignment for, but not published in, "With Frances Mayes in Tuscany," May/June 1999, National Geographic Traveler magazine)
In one the scenes, Frances' Italian lover tells her through a letter that he had a dream about her wearing a white dress. Of course, she had to go and get herself a white dress - not that any girl needs an excuse for shopping. And, boy, did she find a dream dress or what?

I just can't find a full shot of this dress. :(

Even if it's just a simple white dress with a black belt, it's just so classic and so romantic. I'd love to wear it with those big black sunglasses and floppy brimmed hats.

Check out these white dresses perfect for summer. Tuscany is still a dream right now, but I guess they are still perfect to wear under the Manila sun.

 Marni by Bayo. Php 945

Nichelle by Kamiseta Php 1,999

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