Friday, April 6, 2012


Springtime and there he was again,
Hands in his pockets, hair wind-blown
His lips curved up in a half-smile
And I let myself daydream for a while

He'd walk up to me and ask for this dance
As a guitar gently strums in the background
And we'd sway, sway, sway
As the whole world falls away

His hand feels safe and strong
As he walks me all the way home
We take our time as he talks about his brothers
Learning about favorite songs and colors

And at the door he stops me
With a hand on my waist, he leans in
Time suddenly slows
My eyes flutter close...

A fragile sound jars me from my reverie
And brings me back once again
Sighing as I look across the room to him
The starring man from my daydream.