Monday, October 29, 2012

INTENSITY: Penshoppe S/S 2013

Well,  here it is. My first fashion show. 

I never planned on going - it just so happened that I got the free passes when I treated my cousin to some back to school outfits. 

Okay, segue first: I happen to like Penshoppe's clothes, impressive celebrity endorsers notwithstanding. Sure, I think they already "won" (at least for me) when they got Ian Somerhalder, but even before that I already have clothes with their tags in my closet which I bought not for the sake of attending fan conferences.

Even so, it was ridiculously easy to create some great outfits for my cousin with what they have in the store. She was my first styling project and I have to say, she looked pretty damned good in the clothes that I picked for her. The colors were bright and young and even the jeans were a perfect fit (she is a size 25, TT__TT). Price was reasonable too. We were happy customers.

Getting the passes were simply a plus.

I'm wearing a Penshoppe reversible top :)

Fast forward a few days later, decked out in our fashion show debut outfits, my other cousin and I sashayed (no, not really) down to the SMX Convention Center for Penshoppe's fashion show for Spring/Summer 2013 called INTENSITY. Its tagline:

“Intellect is a magnitude of INTENSITY, not a magnitude of extensity,” – Arthur Schopenhauer

- Pause here while I Google what this quote means -

Okay, full quote makes more sense for me.
"Intellect is a magnitude of intensity, not a magnitude of extension: which is why in this respect one man can confidently take on ten thousand and a thousand fools do not make one wise man." - Arthur Schopenhauer

I still don't quite get what it means as it pertains to the fashion show or the collection. Does it mean that even though the show doesn't have much fanfare with a binder full of celebrities (get it?), it would be the collection that will speak for itself? 

And why am I even ruminating about this?!

Back to the show.

Well, whatever INTENSITY means, the show definitely presented a collection that I am excited to see on their stores soon.

As always, their jackets and sweaters were the stuff people who spend much time in air-conditioners dream of. Their signature varsity jacket is in attendance for the boys, along with sparkly, silvery sweaters for the girls.

I loved the white outfits with the big blue floral prints - on the dress and the pants. Very summer-y.

And speaking of summer - I love the cuts and colors of their retro-styled bathing suits.

Lots of neon, too. Is it not going away yet?

And, even though I'm a girl, I found myself wishing there was a girl-version for some of the guy's clothes. (Also, nice sneaks!)

All in all, great collection. And not at all bad for my first show, right?


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