Sunday, May 8, 2011

If you can't buy 'em... Make 'em.

The downside to knowing how to make jewelry is that you hesitate over every accessory purchase. Well, okay. That's more of an upside. But sometimes you just want to shop without thinking about how something was created and how you can easily make one yourself (and for a cheaper price, too!).

I've been looking at leather cord bracelets for a while now. I guess I've seen too many of them being worn by Dara and the whole YG Family that I began to covet them. But since I don't think I can afford those Chrome Hearts bracelets, anyway... I decided to make them on my own. And what do you know? I have all the materials I needed just gathering dust, literally, on a plastic box on my bedroom floor. I haven't got time to do some tinkering nowadays. Sigh.

So while I was having my Fringe marathon, I was able to make these bracelets. Still sloppy work, but I don't think nobody will look that closely. Haha...

The first one I made. I love the 2-layerness of it all,.

Couple bracelets? Used a different material and technique here.


 My favorite.

I made more designs but wasn't able to take good pictures of it. I like them because they're so thin that I can pile and layer them on, but also just wear a single one for a simpler look.

Not bad, right?


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