Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Film & Fashion: Letters To Juliet

Yet another movie set in Tuscany, Letters To Juliet became one of my favorite movies when I first saw it. Besides starring two stars from my favorite brilliant-yet-cancelled tv shows (Veronica Mars & Kings), the romance, the setting, and - of course - the fashion make me want to watch it over and over again.

 David Shepherd and Lilly Kane lying on the grass underneath the stars

The style of the lead character, Sophie, is quite simple and classic. I like it that throughout the movie, we see her wear almost the same things - believable, since she was on a trip and only had the luxury of wearing whatever it was on her suitcase. This is the idea when traveling, bring simple and coordinating outfits. But even with those constraints, she always appears fresh and well-put-together.

I love the muted colors of her outfits. The pale hues, with her blond hair and blue eyes, give off that 70's romantic feeling. And her hair... Messy, loose, and twisted, braided... Love it!

But the best thing in her wardrobe, for me, is her satchel which she carries around in the movie. Watching it made me buy one of those bags for myself.

I already have mine, but if you want one similar to what Sophie was lugging all around in Italy, you might want to get this one that is for pre-order at The School of Satchel.

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