Sunday, June 26, 2011

Something vintage

I'm not exactly sure whom this vintage compact belongs to. I figured that it was from my grandmother who passed it on to my mother and then ended up with me. Maybe sometime I'm going to ask my aunts about this, but right now - this is the story I am sticking with.

Regardless of how it came to me, I am so very delighted that it did. See, I love all things vintage. I love those faded polaroids and rusty typewriters and creaky rotary phones. I just find it all so charming and romantic.

But I do wonder what I am going to do with this compact. With a little research, I learned that it was made by a company called Stratton who had been making them since 1923. 

Because mine has a self-opening lid (I think), it was made sometime after 1948. But it doesn't have the "compact in hand" logo so it was made before 1950. So, I guess circa 1948-1950?

The compact is in terrible condition, though. The front cover has a small crack in the design. The mirror is broken. The puff and sifter, though intact, don't look very hygenic.

I don't know if I could still sell it or if anybody would still like to buy it. Still, I don't think I can part from this. So my options are either to keep it as it is as a memento or try to restore it.

Honestly, I'd like to restore it. But the odds of finding a vintage mirror, puff etc. in the Philippines are slim to none. Well, I think. I never really looked. I guess I have to do that now.

After that, I think I'm going to use it. I'm not really much of a powder girl, but with a compact as pretty as this, I might be more motivated to do so. 

 It's just too beautiful to be stored away.



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