Thursday, May 30, 2013

My first DIY tote bag

One of my favorite brands is Kate Spade. I love the mix of simplicity and quirkiness in their designs. I love all their stuff - the clothes, the jewelry, the watches, the shoes, and - of course - the bags.

For my first DIY tote bag, I was inspired by one the Kate Spade designs - the Grove Court Floral. I love that it's very summery and just adds that cheery pop of color to your outfit.

My tote bag wasn't orange, but I did have a similar (in theme) floral fabric around just waiting for the right project. I also bought some canvas to use for the base.

My rating for this project is full marks for design but poor execution. LOL.

There are many thing that I should have done - like using a thicker floral fabric and finishing all the edges and maybe put some lining inside. I made a lot of mistakes doing this one. A LOT.

Nevertheless, I had fun doing this project. I still have some canvas left so there may be more tote bags in the near future.

As it is, this bag will be put to good use as my sewing bag when I go to my sewing class because it's roomy enough to hold all fabrics and my sewing kit.

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