Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Review: New York To Dallas by J.D. Robb

So cool that even books have trailers these days. As if I wasn't excited enough. I was calling bookstores and actually went there everyday (the perks of living a ten-minute walk away from the mall) just in case they already have the book for sale.

And, finally, they did! I spazzed in the bookstore. True story.

New York To Dallas is the latest In Death novel. The 33rd! Wow. I can't believe I've been reading this series for so long now. I think I was still in college when I started! But I don't regret reading all of them and it remains my favorite series ever.

Protagonist Eve finds herself facing a previous antagonist - her first one from her rookie days. The culprit has escaped jail and now set his sights on her for revenge. The case brings her back to the past, both from that case and also from her own childhood which dregs up uncomfortable memories for her and her husband, Roarke.

I admit I may have been a little spoiled about this book. I blame myself because I was reading the reviews and tortured myself with the teasers. That's why when the twist happened, I was already braced for it. Was it worth it? Hmm...

I tried hard to resolve my feelings about this book. It was a bit heavy for me, which is understandable because of the subject matter. The humor is also not as prominent as with the previous novels. I think it's because the New York 'crew' wasn't in the book that much. I missed Peabody, McNab, Feeney, Truehart and Baxter. That's why when a character was brought over to Dallas, I was so happy that it sort of felt like home again, like what Eve felt.

It was just different. Not bad different, but just different. I think that it was a necessary journey that Eve had to take so the story could move forward. It deserved it's own book so I understood why this book had to be written. Will it be my first pick when I get the urge to read an In Death novel? No. Not right now. But it may be further in the series when I want something a little more emotional and revisit Eve's journey.

But now that it's over, I am now looking forward to the new book. It looks really fun from the synopsis and you can bet I'll be bugging and stalking the bookstores once again.

Authentication shot!

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