Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bed Romance

This is kinda embarrassing, but I think I have one heck of a girly bedroom. It's not all pink, but it's kinda - for a lack of a term - princess-y. I would argue that it's not really my fault, because I hired an interior decorator to make my bedroom and I wasn't there the whole time to approve of everything. I wanted a relaxed, romantic, vintage-y type of room so I guess it is quite close to what I said. I still love the look that makes you feel like you're sleeping underneath a blooming cherry blossom / sakura tree... but the brass four-poster bed (shown without the matching white gauze curtains) was maybe a little too much.

 Sleeping Beauty's bed? LOL

It has its pros... For one thing, it was raised very high and there was a lot of space below for plastic storage boxes (seen on the photos) and in case of earthquakes, you can hide beneath it (hopefully I don't need to do this). I also hang a lot on the curved designs/brackets of the headboard, like ponytail holders, cloth headbands, necklaces, bags, etc. I also used to hang clothes on the bars when I take photos to sell them online.

Wall mural (yes, it's not wallpaper!)

But... I felt like the bars above gathered dust that trickled down to me. It was also a space-eater - physically and visually. You can't get from one side of the room to the other because the footboard blocked you from just vaulting over.

Work in progress... I sat on the cushion as I watched my computer monitor.

Slept like this while the bed was being done... not bad, actually.

I wanted to change it or modify it for years. I finally got around to it last month and I am absolutely loving it. Now I can see more of the mural behind the bed and I get an unobstructed view to my computer monitor from my bed - which, added to my bluetooth mouse means more laid-back viewing! Yay!

Finished product!

Now that my bed is done, my next step would be to shop for a new closet, which is harder than anticipated. And also, expensive! Sigh. Why isn't there an Ikea here in the Philippines yet?

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