Monday, July 11, 2011

We came for the shoes...

What is it about women and shoes? I swear, if my living space and wallet could afford it, I'll do my best to beat Imelda's record. That's why, even though I had resolved to limit myself from spending money (tipid mode muna), I still couldn't resist going to this year's I'm Shoe In Love - a shoe fair that ran from July 9 to 10 at the NBC Tent.

We got there early on the first day, but there was already a long line in front. It's a good thing that I had my EastWest card with me and I got to bypass the long line, get inside for free, and get a free tote bag in the process.

Free tote bag from EastWest Bank

My friend really wanted to go Virtual Mae's booth because they had a promo for free shoes but only until supplies lasted so we went directly there. Unfortunately, my friend wasn't able to find something she liked, or at least - something in her size.

There were some online shops that I frequent that had booths there: Cole Vintage, Trunk Show, and Frolic among others. I tried on this pair of heeled oxfords (?) from Cole Vintage that I saw on The Ramp the other day but ended up not buying it.

What I did end up buying this pair of peep toe ankle boots. They are really comfy and a steal at only Php 500.

I'm already thinking about what outfit to wear this with...

Lots of shoes for sale and if you really have a shoe fetish, you'll go gaga over all of the shoes over there. I saw a lot of people happily walking out with bags full of shoe boxes.

We were a bit disappointed, though, about the number of booths/sellers. I guess we were hoping for more. I don't know if this is the first one of its kind but maybe in time there will be more exhibitors who will participate. I also hope that the local shoemakers from Marikina will be represented next time.

Pic spam of the event:

 Selca + Me with a Damon standee (LOL)

Ate Nan with our purchases (90% of them were the clothes we bought for 3 for Php 100 - yeah, we're cheap like that!)

Since we were in the area anyway and a bit disappointed by our shopping haul, we walked a little bit and arrived at Bonifacio High Street. I went in Muji and goggled over the items. Horribly expensive, but I want them all!

We eventually ended up in Market! Market! where items were more wallet friendly and had a lot of choices. I bought two dresses and two shirts. When I went home I realized that I basically bought the same colors for the shirts and the dresses: blue and violet.

 I'm sensing a trend...

 Ended the day by going through the stash of flyers and calling cards that I got from the event.

 Most of these ended up in the trash. Sorry.

Oh, and on the way home, we went by McDonald's Drive Thru and bought four spaghetti and chicken value meals so our Coke glass collection is now complete!

I wonder if we'll ever use these glasses...
Now the weekend's over and it's back to work again... Let's all have a happy and productive week!

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