Friday, April 22, 2011

Pages from my childhood

I don't know what little children are reading these days, but when I was just a little kid, I loved this one book. It was "Debbie's Visit To The Countryside."

The story wasn't groundbreaking. Actually, the title was pretty much self-explanatory. The thing about this particular book that I loved were the illustrations.

The illustrations were done by Belgian artist Marcel Marlier. With further research, I was surprised to learn that Debbie is named Martine originally in the Belgian version and she had lots of adventures (about 50 of them!) besides her countryside tour.

Unfortunately, this book is all but lost to me now. I tried asking my relatives if they've seen it because it could be that I've passed it down to my younger cousins. My cousin remembered seeing it before when he was younger, but he doesn't have any idea where it is right now. :(

I just know that whenever I pass a used bookstore from now on, I'll be checking among the stacks of discarded childhood tomes, hoping to get a glimpse of little Debbie again.

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