Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fabric covered notepad

I'm fairly new to blogging and, consequently, to crafting. There are so many craft blogs out there with pretty projects that I couldn't help but be inspired to do one myself.

This one is a rough attempt of a sort of book with a notepad and an accordion pocket inside. It's made from materials that are already in my house - a salvaged carton packaging of my colored pens, one of the ribbons I've collected from gift packages, pretty fabric scraps from a 3 for Php 100 ukay find, lace tape, various paper lying around the house, and my ever trusty padding glue. I swear, ever since I discovered padding glue, I've been looking around for things to use it on.

I used spray adhesive to bind the fabric to the board. It was my first time using it and I made some mistakes - hence the "wet" spots on the cover.

I was a little unsatisfied with the finished product, but it was an experimental project anyway so I guess I'll just try to do better next time. This one, however, ended up with my cousin - who is the recipient of many of my craft projects (LOL). She came to me the next day after I gave it to her and said that her classmates really liked it when she showed it to them.

Well, I can't help but be a little pleased about that, can I?

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