Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Must Watch! Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Ah~ First Love.

Isn't there anything sweeter?

First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) is a Thai movie set in high school where an ugly duckling named Nam falls in love with campus heartthrob Shone. With the help of her loyal friends, Nam tries her best to become a beautiful swan hoping to capture his heart and have her happy ending.

It may sound a little cliche and overdone, but the charm of this movie is the chemistry of the whole cast. The two leads played by Pimchanok Luewisetpaibon and Mario Maurer are absolutely lovable and you'll find yourself getting all tingly about their every interaction. Nam's character is also relatable to us girls who experienced that awkward teenage stage with bad hair and braces. And who didn't have a crush on the cutest guy in school? Mario Maurer's character is simply a dreamboat (yes, I said it) that if we were in the same school, I'll probably be trying to get his attention too. Heck, even now! After watching the movie, I challenge you not to develop a little crush on this Thai cutie.

One of the things I also liked in this movie was the supporting cast. The friendship between Nam and her friends was wonderful to watch and reminded me of my own set of high school girl friends. Yes, we also helped each other out with stalking our crushes. We had our internal spats but got each other's backs when one of us was being bullied. Though it makes us cringe to remember some of the things we've done, we could only laugh now and shake our heads as we see the girls do the same mistakes.

I think this is one of the best Asian romantic comedies out there. I definitely recommend this to all the romantics out there, both to the young and the young at heart. <3

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