Monday, April 18, 2011

At least I could wear ballet shoes...

When every girl on our block was getting piano, singing, and ballet lessons when they were young, I was the one who was getting my hands dirty with paint and learning how to use Wordpad.

I've always complained about this, thinking that this was the cause of my absolute lack of musical talent.

Oh well... even if I didn't learn how to dance ballet, at least I could wear these cute ballet shoes.

Quick story about it... I first saw a similar pair at Topshop which costs about Php 1,300 (I think). Too expensive for me, but I really liked it. I shopped around for a little bit when I came upon a canvas version over at Shoebox for Php 699, but it wasn't exactly the design I was looking for so I skipped it. Then I was on my way home when I passed through Landmark and saw this pair by Julia selling for only Php 499! The way it was going, I would've probably found an even cheaper version but I didn't want to take my chances.

Really happy with my purchase. I don't have beige/nude colored shoes before so I'm eager to try it out with everything in my closet. And best of all, it's so comfy that I think I'm going to abuse them all the time.

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