Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kids of Bayo August-September 2011 Lookbook

Psst... I'll let you in a little secret of mine.

I shop at the little girl's store.

While I may complain about being vertically-challenged most of the time, there are some advantages to it - like getting the children's discount on rides (true story) and shopping for clothes that are much cheaper than adults'.

So that is why I checked out Kids of Bayo's lookbook for the months of August and September. Even though their clothes are geared towards kids and tweens - they're very fashionable and stylish. I ask for the largest size, of course, and most of the time they have them on stock. And surprise! It fits! Though it makes me wonder just how fast kids are growing up these days... and why didn't they have Cherifer when I was younger(!).

I also love the presentation of their lookbooks. It's so playful!

Kids of Bayo doesn't disappoint. I love the jackets and the striped skirt. Their graphic tees are pretty cute, too.

As with Bayo, all prices and clothes are available at their website.

Here are the rest of the pics:


All images taken from the official Bayo website.

For more information on Bayo and Kids of Bayo:
Bayo Official Website

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