Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I re-read my friend's post the other night and was totally surprised to learn that I am also in charge of all the gowns and invitations. I don't know why I didn't realize that sooner when she typed it clearly. Maybe I was already shocked by the wedding dress that I blocked the other words?

So I went to the mall today and went by a store that specializes in invitations and I was surprised by how much they cost. The lowest that I asked was about Php 50 each! The really beautiful ones cost more than a hundred pesos.

Okay, maybe I am a cheapskate. But It's not my problem anymore because I passed on the responsibility to my other friend who knows a lot of printers/wedding invite makers.

Of course, my stubbornness made me try to create one anyway.

... And I just realized that my monogram looks a little bit like the Etude logo. I couldn't find a floral one that would make a good monogram design. The theme is lavender, but my cousin said it looked a bit too pink. My idea is to have some ribbon with it, maybe lavender or white. For a more rustic appeal, maybe the white paper can be changed into an eco-friendly brown colored-paper and tied up with a raffia ribbon.

I think I'll show this to my friend anyway, just in case.

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