Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dara for Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream

credit: etudeblog

Dara's new CF for Etude is out!

After being Miss Tangerine, Dara of uber-cool girl group 2NE1 extends to endorsing Etude's Precious Mineral BB Cream.

What's BB Cream?

BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream was originally prescribed by dermatologists for post-surgery cover-ups and for its healing properties. But the effect on the skin was so good that it became sought after as everyday make-up by Korean celebrities. Soon after, cosmetic companies began selling this miracle cream to the public.

My first experience with BB Cream was in Japan where I impulsively bought a BB Cream Morning Makeup Set. I couldn't help it because it was all pink and packaged nicely! But when I used it - wow! I became a firm believer in the product.

I haven't used Etude's BB Cream yet, but for sure - now that Dara is endorsing it, I'll be sure to score one for myself!

Dara looks so fresh in this CF and I must say that Etude definitely chose the right person for their campaign. I mean, look at that skin!

*sighs* Dara, why so cute?

Check out the HQ pics (and a download link to all 99 of them!) plus a Behind The Scenes look at the making of the CF.

Download all 99 pics (91.30 MB)
(There are only 99 pics because 2 of the pics were the same - #2 & #89)

credit: hotpinkmallows


For more information about Etude, visit their Korean website

and for Filipinas who love Etude!/etudehousegirl

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