Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Review: Treachery In Death by J.D. Robb

Every J.D. Robb book is an automatic buy for me. This latest installment in the In Death series reinforced my decision in doing so.

This time, Eve deals with a case of corruption inside NYPSD. Eve takes this a little personally, as she hates how the villain of this piece disgraced the job and the badge she proudly wears. With a few select people (including Webster from Internal Affairs) they do solid policework and build a case to bring the guilty party's crimes to light.

I fell in love with Eve and Roarke (mostly Roarke, but what woman could blame me?) the first time I read about them in Naked In Death. Now in the 32nd book (plus a few novellas), they have firmly entrenched themselves in my heart along with the rest of their crew. Whenever a character appeared in the novel, it was like I was welcoming an old friend - from the snarky Summerset, the stalwart Peabody, and the ultra-mag Mavis to name a few. We also get to meet a few new characters, one of which particularly made me laugh with his creative use of the F-word.

Though without the high-profile, flashy murder and the crafty serial killers, this book is one of the best in the series, in my opinion. Robb gives us a picture of Cop Central and the characters inside it and how the system works. I love how she describes it that I could almost see the grimy floor and the hear the buzz in the bullpen. But most of all, you can feel the cops who work with Eve and the dedication each one of them puts on their jobs.

If you've already read the rest of the series, you definitely wouldn't want to miss reading this. And if you haven't heard of J.D. Robb, the In Death series, Eve or Roarke - you should start now and thank me later.

P.S. Roarke beats that Cullen boy any day.


Treachery in Death

Putnam hardcover
February 22, 2011

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