Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disney X LucasFilm: A New Hope?

There has been a great disturbance in the Force as news came out of a 4-Billion deal between Lucasfilm and Walt Disney has been made. And, Disney - not wanting to waste their spanking new income-generating property - is already talking about making the next three Star Wars films, the first one slated on 2015.

As a Star Wars fan, and being subjected to the underwhelming prequels, this news has been met with a mix of fear and (new?) hope. Fear because, why ruin a good thing? Haven't we suffered enough Jar Jar, bad acting and awkward romances? But there's always the Star Wars fan in me that hopes that maybe, like what Disney did for the Marvel franchise, they'll do it right this time.

But let's admit it: love or hate this news, we're still going to read about it, be updated about it, be excited about it, and ultimately watch it - even just to see how bad it is compared to all our imaginings (and by now we're imagining plenty).

Hot damn. I can hardly wait. I think I'm going to watch the whole series all over again - starting with Episode 4, of course. Then, for Episode 1, I'll just watch this instead:

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