Thursday, February 2, 2012

Working on my fitness

 "I'll be up on the gym just working on my fitness.."
Fergie (Fergalicious)

One thing I thought I would never do is join a gym. I always thought that it was for people who wanted to lose weight and, being a skinny teenager back then, I didn't need to go to one. Fast forward to ten years later... besides needing to lose unwanted fat, I was so out of shape and unhealthy that I got laughed at by grandpas and grandmas as I panted while climbing a mountain in Japan (true story).

Of course, it didn't help that I have no actual job that requires me to move my ass and I basically sit in front of my computer all day.

So when opportunity presented itself (coughGrouponcough), I decided one of the challenges I had to face this 2012 was to go to the gym.

My goals are pretty simple:

1. Lose the unwanted fat. Call me vain, but I love clothes and fashion. I love those darn pretty sleeveless dresses and those cute shorts. Then one day I realized that I spend so much money buying them when the best investment I could make is for the body underneath it. If you look good and feel good about yourself, even a cheap dress would look good on you. No need for designer stuff. (Although I still want them very very much.) This also goes for your inner spirit - inner beauty and all that. You do get the idea, right?

2. Get healthy and build up stamina. Why? Because I MUST travel this year. I feel so cooped up while my friends were out and about going places the past few years. My cousins who I am putting through college will be graduating this March and I finally have the funds so I am about to go all out! BUT in order to go all out, I have to be able to keep up with all the endless walking and carrying bags. Truth: sometimes vacations can be tiring that we need a vacation after a vacation.

3. If ever we get invaded by aliens or zombies, I can defend myself or run away. Just kidding. Sort of.

I'm on my third week now and thankfully, despite the aches I am feeling, I am still alive. Oh gosh... the stories I could tell about being a total gym noob! But I'm already feeling really well and improved, considering. Hopefully this will become a habit that I can carry on until I am as old as those grandpas and grandmas on that blasted mountain and then it'll be my turn to laugh at those out-of-shape youngsters. Haha...

And when my discounted-but-expensive-when-not gym membership expires, I will be using our condo's gym equipment for free which I FINALLY know how to use. I haven't even used it once in the six years I've been living here (IKR?). And, what do you know? It looks like I've got it all to myself. Ah! The loneliness of self-discipline.

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