Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well I've gone and done it. 

I deleted my previous blog - "The Typecast Heroine" and merged it into this one - "Quilled Thoughts". 

My reasons? 

For one, I found that I can't maintain two blogs. Yep. One is my limit. I'm not that active to have a lot to write about. I'm doing something about that, though.

Another is that I don't really get my previous blog title. I even forgot why I picked that one. I think I just randomly picked two words and made it work. 

For the record, I'm also not that content with my current blog title, but I think it encompasses everything I can think of to write. The "quilled" part is a bit dated because, obviously, keyboard typing right now. I picked it because the word sounds like "quelled" which means quieted, but change one letter and it becomes public... written for everyone to see - which is the purpose of a blog, anyway.

So, to anyone who have ventured to my new blog, welcome. (And to my previous four followers, I hope that you somehow found your way back here. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

2012 a go go GO!

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